Police Administration

The Administration Division is comprised of the Chief of Police, an Operations Captain, an Administrative Captain and the Administrative Supervisor.

General responsibilities:

  • Providing overall direction to the agency and its personnel
  • Ensuring the quality of the police service delivered to the residents of Ellensburg is maintained at the highest possible level
  • Managing the budget, personnel investigations and commendations, recruitment, and selection of new personnel
  • Administering policy and procedure
  • Maintaining training standards, research, planning and development
  • Addressing community concerns and issues
  • Maintaining relationships with the media, other departments, and other law enforcement agencies
  • Preparing annual reports and statistical data
  • Overseeing special projects & programs
  • Retaining current Washington State accreditation

Yearly Annual Reports

The Ellensburg Police Department's yearly Annual Reports are listed below. The Annual Reports are presented to you to recap the Police Department's successes, challenges and statistics for that year.

Annual reports are in PDF format and may take a few minutes to upload on computer.

Department Staff