Unity Park

Unity Park, located in the heart of downtown Ellensburg, will be enjoyed throughout the year as an informal gathering space, a venue for cultural arts and recreational events, and much needed open space to serve the influx of residential development in the downtown area. Construction will begin in 2024. Check back on this page for construction alerts throughout the project. Parking at the park site and in the alley between Main St. and Pearl St. will be closed starting February 22, 2024. There will be intermittent closures along Pearl St. and 4th Ave. fronting the park. Locate alternative free parking.

Learn more about the plans on BeHeardEburg.

Unity Park Construction Update For Week of March 4, 2024

Crews will continue with the demolition of asphalt and concrete at the park location. Expect dump truck traffic in the downtown. There may be brief alleyway impacts. Mid-week, crews will start excavation and grading of the comfort station footing, located near the alley. Please travel cautiously in the area as heavy equipment will be operating near the street.

Unity Park Q&A

What is happening to the Bull?“The Bull” statue will be removed during construction of Unity Park and relocated back to the park before construction is complete.

What is happening with the parking?
The City is looking at options to replace the parking that will be lost when Unity Park is developed.

Where can I park?
We offer plenty of free all-day parking surrounding our downtown and 3-hour free parking in the downtown core. View our online map.

What is happening to the other artwork at the park?
The other artwork at the park will be removed and either rehomed in other parks or in the downtown, or placed in secure storage until another appropriate location is identified.

Where will community events take place during construction?
Community event planners are aware of the planned park construction and will be identifying alternative locations for events taking place during the construction period. Contact the organization planning the event for more information.

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