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Application for Appointment

  1. Application for Appointment
    For volunteering to serve on a Board or Commission
  2. Do you live within the city limits?*
  3. ECC 1.12.120 Residency qualification. Except where a commission, board or committee specifically requires city residency as a condition of appointment, members of all other commissions, boards and committees shall maintain residency within the Kittitas County limits. “Residency,” as used herein, means residing within the city or county limits, as applicable, both at the time of appointment and for at least 270 days within each calendar year for the duration of the member’s term, but shall not include any period for which a member is absent due to military service.
  4. If applying for the Sr. Citzens' Advisory Board, are you at least 55 years of age?
  5. Will you be able to attend meetings regularly if appointed?*
  6. If your first choice, as listed above, is not available, which other boards or commissions would you be interested in serving on?
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