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Voluntary Renewable Energy Application - Existing Electrical Customers

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  2. Voluntary Renewable Energy Application
  3. I want to be 100% renewable & carbon free
    The City of Ellensburg's electrical power is 97% carbon free. If you use 3,333 kWh or less of electrical power per month (national average per household is 1,000 kWh/mo), you can be 100% renewable and carbon free by adding a $3/month (per unit or 100kWh) to your electric bill. There is a limited number of renewable energy units available, so sign up today!
  4. Provide your City of Ellensburg utility account information
  5. I'd like to sign up to be 100% renewable and carbon free for an additional $3/month on my electric utility bill (one unit)*
    ***Must be a current City electric customer.
  6. I want to purchase additional units of renewable energy for $3/month per unit. **Must be a City of Ellensburg electric customer.
  7. I want to contribute to the maintenance of the City's Renewable Energy Park and help provide renewable energy education.
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    By placing your typed initials in the box, typing your name and date in the applicant/citizen signature field, and submitting this form electronically, I CERTIFY that all the information I am providing on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that my electronic signature is legally binding as if I were physically signing the form. I understand that any material misrepresentation, omission or falsehood may result in rejection or nullification of my application.
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