Inspection Requests

There are two ways to schedule Building and/or Land Use Permit inspections in the City of Ellensburg:

1- Telephone Inspection Request Line

Call the Inspection Request Line at (509) 962-7142. Inspections must be scheduled by 4:00 pm the day prior to get an inspection for the following day. The inspection request line is cleared at 4:00 pm; if requests are made after 4:00 pm then they will occur two business days out, unless a different day is requested. 

2- SMARTGov On-Line Permit Center

Inspections can be scheduled by using the City of Ellensburg’s online SMARTGov web-based permitting software program. The SMARTGov website allows permit customers to view detailed permit information, schedule inspections and review the approval process of their permit application.

Inspections can be scheduled up to 12:00 midnight for a next day inspection.  Inspections scheduled after 12:00 midnight, using the SMARTGov On-Line Permit Center, will be automatically scheduled by the computer system for the next business day.  (See above for the cutoff time for inspections scheduled through the telephone)