Flood Information

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May 9, 2018 8:56 PM

Several streets closed due to water over roadway

There are several streets closed in Ellensburg due to water over roadways. These streets are:

Washington Street west of Water
First Avenue between Kittitas and Water
400 Block of W 9th
100 Block of N Kittitas

Ellensburg residents may find sand and sandbags at available a Kiwanis Park and Wipple Park.

Automated alerts are one of many ways to help protect your home, family, or business when there is the potential for or during a flood. However, in an emergency no single system is foolproof. Keep in mind that automated alerts are an excellent enhancement to our effort to share emergency information with our citizens, but registration will not guarantee notification of any specific event. Therefore, it is important to check multiple sources for information – such as radio, television and the Internet – and use varied methods of delivery for getting information directly – such as voice, text or email.

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