City Initiatives

The City of Ellensburg promotes cross-departmental work through various initiatives. See what we are working on today:

Neighborhood Cafe

Ellensburg City Council members recognize the responsibility of public service to all residents, but is aware of certain voices from under-represented, silent or changing/generational populations are unknown. Council’s success is premised on the relationship with its constituency – those who live in Ellensburg today and how policy decisions impact future residents.

To better listen to and act on the desires of the broader community, council created an initiative called Neighborhood Café

Read about how the City of Ellensburg uses a systematic approach to create a transportation network for all.
Starting January 1, 2018, retailers in Ellensburg will charge customers 5 cents for either plastic or paper bags. 

In some parts of downtown Ellensburg it is becoming increasingly hard to find an available parking space. As the city grows and development increases, the demand for on-street parking spaces is projected to grow further.

Additionally, the city is improving opportunities for walking, cycling and riding transit, resulting in a more vibrant downtown. View the city's Parking Study performed in January 2019.