City Initiatives

The City of Ellensburg promotes cross-departmental work through various initiatives. See what we are working on today:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ellensburg City Council wants Ellensburg to be a place where everyone has the chance to flourish. We seek to create a community with a built environment that improves lives and supports a wide range of people. 

Ellensburg is growing. More people call our city home than ever. We see more pressure for affordable housing, livable wage jobs, and infrastructure – from roads to utilities and open spaces – that supports this growth. We also know that as we grow, certain groups of people continue to feel excluded. Historical inequities are illuminated. We are listening to and acting on behalf of our residents to create a more equitable, just, and safe community – one where all citizens know they belong and are welcome.  


The City of Ellensburg has received federal CARES funding from the Washington State Department of Commerce to assist small businesses and individuals adversely impacted by the COVID-19. The City Council is dedicated to making as much of this money as possible available to support the businesses and individuals that make us the community that we are.

Neighborhood Cafe

Ellensburg City Council members recognize the responsibility of public service to all residents, but is aware of certain voices from under-represented, silent or changing/generational populations are unknown. Council’s success is premised on the relationship with its constituency – those who live in Ellensburg today and how policy decisions impact future residents.

To better listen to and act on the desires of the broader community, council created an initiative called Neighborhood Café