Water Division

The Water Division of the City of Ellensburg's Public Works Department operates and maintains one hundred and eight miles of underground water distribution piping, two above ground reservoirs, eight groundwater wells, one booster and one transfer station. This extensive piping system serves over 4,800 residential and over 700 non-residential customers by distributing safe, clean and reliable water used for drinking, taking showers and bathing, rinsing water in sinks, dish and clothes washers, toilets, and industrial processes.
The Water Division provides constant monitoring, testing, and system maintenance to ensure the highest quality of clean water is delivered to our customers. Rates for water service are established each year. View current water rates.

The water system is governed by a permit issued by the Washington State Department of Health. For more information about the water system, read the 2014 Water System Plan - Vol 1 (7.8 mb .pdf), and Vol 2 (59.8 mb .pdf). This plan was approved by the State of Washington Department of Health in 2015.

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Water Quality Protection

The City employs a program of inspection of all commercial, industrial and multi-family residential premises to determine if cross-connections exist that may allow backflow which could contaminate the City’s water supply. All proposed new construction is reviewed by the Cross-Connection Specialist to determine if a cross-connection exists and, if so what level of hazard that cross-connection poses.

The City maintains a database of all backflow protection installed. The Cross-Connection Specialist prescribes the level of protection required and inspects devices and their installation. The person serving in this capacity maintains a State of Washington Cross-Connection Control Specialist certification.

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