To pay your bill, or speak with someone about hooking up service, please contact the Utility Department at 509-962-7201 or by email.




The city’s electric utility serves approximately 9,200 customers over 50 miles of overhead conductor and 38 miles of underground cable. All new growth within the system is built with long-life, underground cable in conduit and includes loop-feed capability wherever possible. The existing aerial facilities are in excellent condition due to continuous maintenance work over the years.
The Electric Division offers a variety of services to the public. These services include assistance with applying or altering a service as well as advising developers so they know what is required when applying for an electrical system for a sub-division, plat, or multi-family project. All requirements are based on existing city policies and standards, as well as national, State, and local electrical codes.


The utility currently purchases all of its power from the Bonneville Power Administration which delivers power to the city’s three electrical substations. Here is the Washington Dept. of Commerce 2016 Fuel Mix Disclosure Report showing what fuel was used to generate power for all Washington utilities, including Ellensburg which is on page 41. The report also includes emission statistics for the various generating resources across the state and the Northwest Power Pool.  The current capacity of the electrical distribution system is such that we are able to almost double existing loads. The newest substation on the north end of town was energized December of 2015 to meet growing demand, assist loop-feed capability, and to continue the high level of reliability city electrical customers have enjoyed.

Conservation & Renewables

The utility has a long history of promoting energy conservation and encourages our customers to take advantage of all of the programs we offer to assist them in using energy efficiently. The public can view a report that provides a summary of the conservation results that were achieved during 2016.

Power Resource Evaluation

The City contracted with EES Consulting to complete a Power Resource Evaluation that identifies viable options for serving the City's future energy purchase requirements. EES Consulting has completed the evaluation, which includes the retail rate impacts, long-term price risks and environmental considerations associated with each resource option considered. The public can view the Power Resource Evaluation report for more information.

Additional Information

For more information, including a history timeline, on these and other issues, please email us or call us at (509) 962-7124.