Natural Gas


The City of Ellensburg was the first municipality west of the Mississippi River to have its own gas distribution system installed in 1956 / 1957.

Today, the City has over 115 miles of distribution mains and over 5,000 customers both in the City and County. Unlike other City utilities, the gas division has a Service Territory defined by the Washington Utility and Transportation Commission that is not confined to the City or Urban Growth Area (UGA).
The gas distribution system is continually being expanded, so for the latest information or to see if gas is available at your location, please email us or call us at (509) 962-7124.


The City receives its gas from the Williams Pipeline, which feeds a single utility-owned Citygate from which gas is distributed to our customers. The Gas Division installs and maintains all of its distribution system with its own City employees.


The City of Ellensburg’s gas distribution system has an enviable safety record. The Gas Division produces and issues safety-related information throughout the year for the general public.


The Gas Division offers a variety of services to the public, including assistance with applying for a service, with altering a service, or for developers so that they know what information is required when applying for a gas system for a sub-division or plat.


In an effort to mitigate higher wholesale electricity rates the Gas Division provides many incentives for adding gas service lines and switching to gas appliances for both home owners and developers. Learn more to see if you are eligible to take advantage of these benefits.


 The City of Ellensburg, by a vote of the people, made the decision in 1954 to install a natural gas distribution system to serve customers in Ellensburg.  The Pacific Northwest Pipeline Corporation was building a new 2,500 mile natural gas pipeline to link the gas supplies of the Southwest to the gas markets of the Pacific Northwest.  This new pipeline would fill a critical need for large supplies of cheap fuel.  Today Ellensburg is the larger of two municipal natural gas utilities in the State of Washington.  Here is a timeline of history of Ellensburg's natural gas utility.