FAQ's in the time of COVID

We are open!  We are proud to be one of a handful of libraries in the state to be open and serving the public and want to stay that way and with your help we can.  Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions about our current rules and procedures that allow us to serve our community.

Our doors are open!

What are your hours? – We are open 10-6 Monday-Friday and 10-2 Saturday.  We are closed Sunday.

Do you require masks? - Masks are required at all times in the library.  They must be worn up on the bridge of the nose.  No exceptions.  If you have a mask that keeps slipping we will gladly provide you with a fresh one.

Where do I come in? - We only have the Ruby st doors open to the public.  You can come in through those and then will exit the north side doors onto 3rd.  We have to keep a 1 way traffic flow to keep out of each others way.

Is the bookdrop open? - We currently only have the alley drive-thru bookdrop open.  It does close Saturdays at 2PM until Monday at 10AM.  The rest of the week its open.

Can I bring my whole family? - Families are welcome as long as they stay together while visiting us.  We do ask that you keep your visit to ½  an hour.

What's Available?

Can I use a computer? – We currently have a single computer available.  Time is limited to 15 minutes per patron each day. Black & white printing is available as well.

Do you have free WiFi? – Yes we do.  You are welcome to use our network “LibraryWireless” on the benches outside or from your car.  No password needed.  If you park in the Hal Holmes parking lot there is a separate network and the password is on the windows.  Please note the WiFi does shut off at 9PM each night.

Do you have study space or somewhere I can take a test? – Unfortunately due to occupancy rules we cannot offer seating for patrons and ask everyone to limit their stay to ½ an hour at most.

Do you have FOL book sales anymore? - We have items out for sale everyday and larger book sales Wednesdays & Thursdays with books, CD's, DVD's and PUZZLES!  For more info on the Friends of the Library click here.

Can I just browse? - Yes patrons are invited to browse the collection but we ask you to keep your visit to ½  an hour.

Do you have contactless checkout? - We sure do!  We have 2 self check stations for your convenience.

What do you offer online?

Can I register for a card online? - We've got you covered.  Just fill out the form here to get started.

Do you offer online resources and entertainment? - Yes we do!  You'll find news, streaming movies and more right here.

Can I renew my books online or over the phone? - You can call us @ (509) 962-7250 and we'd be happy to do it for you.  Or you can renew them online on our catalog page after logging in at the top.

Anything else we missed?

Are you accepting book donations? - Yes we are accepting a limited amount of donations. You may bring in 3 items to donate or call ahead and speak to our Director Josephine Camarillo @ (509) 962-7252 to make arrangements for larger donations.

Are you running any programs right now? - Unfortunately we cannot host in person programs right now.  But that hasn't stopped our Youth Department from posting weekly storytime videos and we have months worth of past videos as well here.