Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Ellensburg City Council wants Ellensburg to be a place where everyone has the chance to flourish. We seek to create a community with a built environment that improves lives and supports a wide range of people. 

Ellensburg is growing. More people call our city home than ever. We see more pressure for affordable housing, livable wage jobs, and infrastructure – from roads to utilities and open spaces – that supports this growth. We also know that as we grow, certain groups of people continue to feel excluded. Historical inequities are illuminated. We are listening to and acting on behalf of our residents to create a more equitable, just, and safe community – one where all citizens know they belong and are welcome.  

The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity initiative has three key foundational pillars: 

1. Ellensburg cares. 

We are a community that cares for one another, and as such we want all people to feel a sense of belonging in this community. 

2. There are long-standing concerns about the treatment of people based on how they look, speak, or act, not by whom they are as a person. 

We are making history. We are embracing a future that sees diversity in Ellensburg – be that age, skin color, gender identity, religion, disability – as what makes us stronger. 

3. We can do better. 

Working together, all who live in Ellensburg today, and in the future, will have access to what they need to reach their full potential. 

There are several actions planned that support this initiative including, but not limited to, creative projects, community celebrations, community listening tours, and the possible formation of an Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Board/Commission. 

IDE Flyer

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The Listening Tour is underway!

Starting late July 2020, Ellensburg City Council members Nancy Goodloe, Bruce Tabb, and Nancy Lillquist are listening and learning about what Ellensburg is today, and how we can do better. 

For more information send us an email. We welcome your comments and feedback.


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