Neighborhood Cafe

Ellensburg City Council members recognize the responsibility of public service to all residents, but is aware of certain voices from under-represented, silent or changing/generational populations are unknown. Council’s success is premised on the relationship with its constituency – those who live in Ellensburg today and how policy decisions impact future residents.

To better listen and act on the desires of the broader community, Council wishes to increase their involvement and connection with the community, be more visible and accessible to the community, and responsive to key concerns within the community as a whole.

Neighborhood Cafes offer a way for people in the community to gather, have conversations, and ultimately be part of policy actions that City Council may deliberate on. Starting in October 2018, Ellensburg residents began hosting Neighborhood Cafes in their homes. City Council members were present, too. Comments and questions recorded during the Neighborhood Cafes (at least six during October and November) will be compiled into a report to Council. In December 2018, City Council will hold a special City Council meeting where Council will release their findings from the listening sessions, and talk about actions, next steps.

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