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Ellensburg Community Renewable Park
In November 2006, with strong financial support by local homeowners and businesses (including Central Washington University), the City of Ellensburg began work on a 36 kilowatt pilot community solar electric project. 

Located adjacent to Interstate 90 on the west edge of West Ellensburg Park, the Ellensburg Community Renewable Park program provides a new and innovative approach to clean energy production. 

You can help
Because of the generous support of the community, there has been sufficient funding to double the size of the Renewable Park project over the past three years.  Now, members of the community are being asked to partner with the city to help fund the next phase of the project.
Solar Panels Closeup
In exchange for their financial support, the city gives the contributors a dollar credit on their electric bill every three months for the value of the electricity produced by the renewable systems, and will do so for a period of 20 years.

Contributions are now being accepted to complete Phase IV. A recent grant from the Federal Department of Energy will match up to $600,000 in customer contributions over the next two years. The expanded solar project will be utilizing three different solar technologies:

  • Polycrystalline
  • Thin film
  • Concentrating

Additionally, seven smaller 2.5-20 kilowatt residential size wind turbines will be included in the project expansion, demonstrating five different wind technologies. By metering each of the turbines separately, customers will be able to evaluate each turbine’s performance.

site map is available to help visualize the different system locations.

501 North Anderson Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926
(509) 962-7204